Top 5 Resources to Lose Weight Effectively

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To understand the Top 5 Resources to Lose Weight Effectively  we have to know that the body need an energy deficit, which can be generated in two ways, the first is to produce a calorie expenditure through physical activity and the second is a calorie restriction by reducing macronutrients in the intake of our nutritional plan. In this section we will talk about some studies that show over the years, some strategies that are effective at the time of having greater weight loss and a highly significant improvement in health.

“Watch your thoughts, because they will become your words. Watch your words, because they will become your deeds. Watch your actions, because they will become your habits.  Watch your habits, because they will become your destiny.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Therefore in this article we will give you the 5 most effective ways to lose weight in an effective and intelligent way.

1.- Perform cardiovascular exercice in high intensity intervals (HIIT).

Perform high-intensity training at intervals report several benefits to the body. The HIIT cardio can be described as aerobic routines that are very short but are equally very intense, this training consists of several parts such as warm-up, effective work, and rest. It has been observed that influences positively in different aspects, one of them is that it has been proven to intervene in the metabolism, which over time will favor sports performance, likewise has been observed that maximum efforts promote hormonal release.

2.- Follow a functional overload training with emphasis on hypertrophy.

According to several studies it can be determined that physical training with overload helps to have a muscle hypertrophy and therefore a reduction in the percentage of body fat, there are several ways in which you can train and generate it. Performing heavy loads with few repetitions of the exercise is a way in which the muscle will perform a maximum tension in consequence hypertrophy will occur. The second way in which muscle hypertrophy can be reached is to generate metabolic stress, which occurs thanks to several repetitions of the exercise with a moderate weight.

3.- Have an increase in water intake.

Within several studies we can point out that the intake of water helps in many cases because it helps metabolize fat, a clear example we can see when there is dehydration, what happens is that the metabolic rate is reduced and equally the consumption of energy, when it reaches a point of dehydration is observed that there is an increase in the levels of cortisol in the blood and this causes greater storage of fat and also an increase in what is the appetite. It was also shown that having a higher intake of water speeds up the metabolism, this phenomenon occurs thanks to the activation of the sympathetic nervous system.

4.- Include a carbohydrate cycling in the diet.

In order for there to occur weight loss during the carbohydrate cycling, we must understand that insulin and leptin are essential within this system, since they are the hormones that control weight. It should be borne in mind that leptin is the hormone that suppresses appetite but also influences energy expenditure, through its effect on the thyroid, and therefore on metabolism. The main benefit of periodic carbohydrate recharging is that it induces muscle building and on the other hand low-carbohydrate diets are usually also relatively low in calories, because of their satiating capacity.

Day high in carbohydrates: approximately between 4 and 5 grams of carbohydrates per Kg of body weight.

Low-carbohydrate day: if our goal is to lose fat, between 50 and 100 grams of carbohydrates per day would be enough, if we intend to gain muscle, no less than 1g or 1.5g per Kg of body weight

5.- Carry out the practice of intermittent fasting.

Within several studies there is evidence and support for the hypothesis that prolonging the nocturnal fasting interval could produce sustained improvements in health. It is therefore suggested that intermittent fasting may give a promising focus on lowering the body fat index and improving metabolic health. The most common method performed in intermittent fasting is 16:8 (16 hours of fasting and 8 hours of feeding), so most people what they do is delay their first intake of food, so what happens is that if glucose is increased, the pancreas secretes insulin. This hormone sends a signal to the liver, muscles and fat cells to absorb the excess glucose. Through intermittent fasting it is generated that this hormone at its lowest peak and therefore if you make an energy consumption, the body will consume glycogen from fat deposits.



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