When it comes time to choosing supplements that will help with our health, there is always the concern of which are the best that should be used in 2020, since many of them in the market do not have a scientific basis with which to be contrasted, just as many have fallen prey to marketing and promoted in an exaggerated way. According to research and studies by Michał Seweryn Karbownik, Ewelina Paul, , Maja Nowicka, Zuzanna Nowicka, Radosław Przemysław Kowalczyk, Edward Kowalczyk, and Tadeusz Pietrasen their article “Knowledge about dietary supplements and trust in advertising them: Development and validation of the questionnaires and preliminary results of the association between the constructs” tells us that the widespread advertising of dietary supplements seems to be in conflict with the promotion of evidence-based knowledge about them, which raises important public health concerns. Therefore, this article will discuss the Top 5 Dietary Supplements That Should be Used in 2020 and will effectively help us in our health.